§5A-8-7. Duties of administrator.

The administrator shall, with due regard for the functions of the agencies concerned:

(a) Establish standards, procedures, and techniques for effective management of records.

(b) Make continuing surveys of paperwork operations and recommend improvements in current records management practices including the use of space, equipment and supplies employed in creating, maintaining, storing and servicing records.

(c) Establish standards for the preparation of schedules providing for the retention of state records of continuing value and for the prompt and orderly disposal of state records no longer possessing sufficient administrative, legal, or fiscal value to warrant their further keeping.

(d) Select the state records which are essential and determine their category pursuant to this article. In accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the administrator, each person who has custody or control of state records shall (1) inventory the state records in his custody or control; (2) submit to the administrator a report thereon containing such information as the administrator directs and containing recommendations as to which state records are essential; and (3) periodically review his inventory and his report and, if necessary, revise the report so that it is current, accurate and complete.

(e) Obtain reports from agencies as are required for the administration of the program.