§5B-10-7. Confidentiality.

(a) Nothing in this article may be construed as requiring the West Virginia Department of Economic Development or the West Virginia Tax Department to release confidential information as defined in this article.

(b) If information regarding a development subsidy is confidential information, a granting body shall redact only those confidential items but shall disclose any other information pertaining to a development subsidy that is not confidential information.

(c) The Auditor may consult with the granting body to determine the confidentiality of development subsidy data required in §5B-10-6 of this code and determine the appropriate disclosures on the searchable economic development website created in §5B-10-5 of this code to preserve confidentiality.

(d) The Auditor shall identify any redacted items not appearing on the searchable economic development transparency website and the justification as to why the items were redacted.

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