§5B-1A-4. Powers and duties of the authority.

The state rail authority is authorized to:

(1) Enter into agreements with any person on behalf of the state to acquire an interest in any abandoned railroad right-of-way, to develop, maintain or promote any rail trails created pursuant to the provisions of this article and, with the consent of the director of the Division of Natural Resources, to transfer the maintenance and operation of rail trails created and developed to the Division of Natural Resources.

(2) Assist any political subdivision or any person in acquiring an interest in any abandoned railroad right-of-way and in developing, maintaining or promoting rail trails.

(3) Evaluate existing and potential abandoned railroad rights-of-way so as to identify such lands as may be suitable for nonmotorized recreational trail use.

(4) Establish state rail trails, subject to the limitations on acquisition of land for state recreational facilities as set forth in section twenty, article one, chapter twenty of this code.

Bill History For §5B-1A-4

1992 Regular Session
Senate Bill 448