§5B-2-17. West Virginia Motorsport Committee.

(a) The West Virginia Motorsport Committee is hereby created.

(b) The committee consists of five members, including its chairperson, appointed by the Governor to serve at his or her will and pleasure.

(c) The Secretary of the Department of Tourism and the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development shall also serve on the committee, ex officio.

(d) The committee shall:

(1) Work with the existing facilities within the state to enhance existing racing;

(2) Develop a strategy that creates further opportunities, such as encouraging racing training schools, conducting special events, and encouraging special events and the construction of larger in-state racing facilities; and

(3) Seek opportunities to promote economic growth and manufacturing jobs related to motorsports.

(e) The committee shall hold regular meetings, at least quarterly, and conduct public hearings as it considers necessary.

(f) Members of the committee will receive no compensation but are entitled to reimbursement for mileage expenses while attending meetings of the committee to the extent that funds are available through the Department of Economic Development.

(g) The committee shall report on the status of its duties, goals, accomplishments, and recommendations to the Legislature on at least an annual basis.