§5B-2A-3. Definitions.

(a) For the purpose of this article:

(1) “Department” means the Department of Environmental Protection established in article one, chapter twenty-two of this code;

(2) “Office” means the Office of Coalfield Community Development;

(3) “Operator” means the definition in section three, article three, chapter twenty-two of this code;

(4) “Renewable and alternative energy” means energy produced or generated from natural or replenishable resources other than traditional fossil fuels or nuclear resources and includes, without limitation, solar energy, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, biomass energy, biologically derived fuels, energy produced with advanced coal technologies, coalbed methane, fuel produced by a coal gasification or liquefaction facility, synthetic gas, waste coal, tire-derived fuel, pumped storage hydroelectric power or similar energy sources; and

(5) “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Department of Commerce.

(b) Unless used in a context that clearly requires a different meaning or as otherwise defined herein, terms used in this article shall have the definitions set forth in this section.