§5B-2B-8. Powers and duties of the commission.

(a) The commission shall make a continued investigation, study and review of the practices, policies and procedures of the workforce investment strategies and programs implemented in the state.

(b) The commission has the authority to conduct or cause to be conducted performance audits upon local workforce investment boards.

(c) For purposes of carrying out its duties, the commission is hereby empowered and authorized to examine witnesses and to subpoena persons, books, records, documents, papers or any other tangible things it believes should be examined to make a complete investigation. All witnesses appearing before the commission shall testify under oath or affirmation, and any member of the commission may administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses. To compel the attendance of witnesses at hearings or the production of any books, records, documents, papers or any other tangible things, the commission is hereby empowered and authorized to issue subpoenas, signed by one of the chairpersons, in accordance with section five, article one, chapter four of this code. Subpoenas are to be served by any person authorized by law to serve and execute legal process and service is to be made without charge. Witnesses subpoenaed to attend hearings are to be allowed the same mileage and per diem as are allowed witnesses before any petit jury in this state. If any person subpoenaed to appear at any hearing refuses to appear or to answer inquiries there propounded, or fails or refuses to produce books, records, documents, papers or other tangible things within his or her control when they are demanded, the commission shall report the facts to the circuit court of Kanawha County or any other court of competent jurisdiction and the court may compel obedience to the subpoena as though the subpoena had been issued by the court in the first instance.

Bill History For §5B-2B-8

1987 Regular Session
House Bill 2629
1986 Regular Session
Senate Bill 403