§5B-2D-5. Program activities.

The primary concern in the provision of training services shall be the needs and types of services identified by the employer. A college or university, community college or area vocational education center shall be given initial consideration to provide any training, retraining, or job upgrade training. The employer will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of a training provider and training program curriculum. Training services may begin upon execution of a written agreement between the West Virginia Development Office and the employer.

Program activities may include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) The performance of a job skills analysis and the designing of a training curriculum for an employer.

(b) The recruitment and referral of trainee applicants to an employer.

(c) The provision of off site preemployment training to prospective employees of a new or expanding business or industry or to existing employees for purposes of retraining or upgrading: Provided, That on site preemployment training may be provided if off site preemployment training is not practical.

(d) Retraining of employees in response to a technological change.

(e) The provision of job upgrade training, if the training will retain or increase the employer's total work force.

(f) Contracting with persons, public or private educational institutions, agencies or other bodies for training or consultative services for an employer.

(g) The provision of materials and supplies used in the training process, instructors with specialized skills, instructional training aids and equipment, consultative services relative to highly specific or technical data and other services.

(h) Assisting a foreign employer locating or expanding in this state by familiarizing the employer's foreign personnel with the work attitudes, work methods, expectations, customs and life style of employees who work within this state.

(i) Taking any other action that is considered to be necessary or desirable for the furtherance of the provisions of this article.

Funds may not be awarded or reimbursed to any business or industry for the training, retraining or upgrading of skills of potential employees with the purpose of replacing or supplanting employees engaged in an authorized work stoppage.

§5B-2D-5. Program activities.

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1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2252
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