§5B-2E-6. Agreement between Development Office and approved company.

The Development Office, upon final approval of an application by the executive director, may enter into an agreement with any approved company with respect to its project. The terms and provisions of each agreement shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) The amount of approved costs of the project that qualify for a sales tax credit, as provided in section seven or section seven-a of this article, as applicable. Within three months of the completion date, the approved company shall document the actual cost of the project through a certification of the costs to the Development Office by an independent certified public accountant acceptable to the Development Office; and

(2) A date certain by which the approved company shall have completed and opened the project to the public. Any approved company that has received final approval may request and the Development Office may grant an extension or change, however, in no event shall the extension exceed three years from the date of final approval to the completion date specified in the agreement with the approved company.