§5B-2K-5. Facilitation of grant submissions by higher education institutions.

To maximize the resources of the state and to create a resource for entities and persons interested in applying for grants that need assistance with grant proposal and applications, the commission shall coordinate and administer a specialized subcommittee of the commission made up of representatives of West Virginia University, Marshall University, the Alliance for Economic Development of Southern West Virginia, and all institutions of higher learning in the coal field counties and regions of this state to provide assistance in the development of grants and grant applications by persons or entities that need assistance in designing, preparing, or implementing a grant proposal submission to a governmental or private entity providing grants. This assistance shall include:

(1) Training of persons to have expertise in developing, applying for, and administering grants;

(2) Providing technical assistance to the commission on administration and facilitation of grant assistance applications; and

(3) Any other actions or initiatives that assist the commission and promote the goals of this article.

§5B-2K-5. Facilitation of grant submissions by higher education institutions.