§5C-2-5. Powers, duties, information and reports of council.

(a) The council shall:

(1) Coordinate the activities of the designated agency with regard to the specific clean coal technology charges of this council with appropriate private, public, state or federal agencies/organizations;

(2) Provide direction to the designated agency to study, develop and promulgate requests for proposals for pilot projects in West Virginia that will assist the council in evaluating technologies, assessing economics, evaluating the environmental benefits, seeking funds, evaluating the useful life of pilot projects and determining the importance of clean coal technologies to energy policy in West Virginia. Requests for proposals shall include an assessment of the potential for the use of financial and other incentives for potential respondents;

(3) Provide oversight to the designated agency in seeking public and private funding to support the activities of the council and the financing of pilot projects;

(4) Determine a reasonable projected duration for the pilot projects;

(5) Encourage and facilitate the development of alternative coal uses and related coal technologies;

(6) File with the Governor, Speaker of the House of Delegates and President of the Senate before the date that the next regular legislative session convenes a report of the council's activities during the two proceeding years and any recommendations for legislation considered necessary with regard to the pilot projects; and

(7) Publish the report required by subdivision (6) of this subsection.

(b) The designated state agency having the responsibility for administering the clean coal technology council shall maintain a public file relating to the council.

(c) The designated agency having responsibility for administering the clean coal technology council shall make available to the public a copy of any council report that is provided to the Legislature.

§5C-2-5. Powers, duties, information and reports of council.

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