§5D-1-16. Authority not public utility and not subject to full jurisdiction of Public Service Commission; authority subject to provisions concerning gas pipeline safety.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this article to the contrary, and specifically notwithstanding any activities of the authority which shall constitute a public service, the authority shall not be considered or deemed a public utility in any respect for purposes of chapter twenty-four of this code, and neither the authority, nor any of its activities or the activities of its agents or employees, nor any project constructed, maintained or operated by the authority, nor any other matters pertaining to the authority, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of West Virginia, either with respect to the powers of said Public Service Commission generally, or with respect to its power over rates, or otherwise: Provided, That the authority and all natural gas transmission projects which it constructs, maintains or operates shall nevertheless be subject to the provisions of chapter twenty-four-b of this code concerning gas pipeline safety.

Bill History For §5D-1-16

1985 Regular Session
Senate Bill 196