§5D-1-2. Purpose and intent.

The Legislature finds and declares:

(a) That the long-term health and economy of the United States will depend upon the availability of reliable sources of energy;

(b) That the State of West Virginia has abundant reserves of coal, natural gas and other natural resources;

(c) That the economy of the State of West Virginia needs a reliable and dependable market for the state's coal, natural gas and other natural resources and the by-products thereof;

(d) That the State of West Virginia needs to encourage the efficient utilization and disposition of by-products resultant from the production of natural resources;

(e) That, with all due regard to the protection of the environment and husbandry of the natural resources of this state, the health, happiness, safety, right of gainful employment and general welfare of the citizens of this state will be promoted by the establishment and operation of coal fired electric generating plants and transmission facilities and the establishment and operation of natural gas transmission projects and/or other energy projects; and

(f) That the means and measures herein authorized for the financing, building and operation of the facilities described in subsection (e) are, as a matter of public policy, for the public purpose of the state.

Accordingly, the public energy authority created herein shall be authorized to initiate such directives and take such measures as may be necessary to effectuate the public purpose of this chapter.

Bills Affecting §5D-1-2

2021 Regular Session: HB2713
2020 Regular Session: HB4673
2004 Regular Session: SB322