§5E-1-6. Qualification of West Virginia capital companies.

(a) The authority shall qualify West Virginia capital companies commencing after the effective date of this article. A company seeking to be qualified as a West Virginia capital company shall make written application to the authority on forms provided by the authority. The application shall contain the information required by section ten of this article. Further, the application shall specify the level of capitalization of the company.

(b) The application shall set forth the applicant's purpose.

(c) The authority may certify West Virginia capital companies in existence after July 1, 1986.

(d) An applicant which is not a small business investment company shall establish an escrow account located in West Virginia, into which funds invested in the applicant shall be deposited and held for the period of time between their receipt by the applicant and the designation of the applicant as a qualified company. Small business investment company applicants shall submit small business administration capital certificates totaling the funds to be invested. The funds shall not be invested by the applicant until it is designated by the authority as a qualified company. In the case of companies which are not small business investment companies, where the authority does not designate the applicant a qualified company, the funds shall be returned to the investors, if requested by the investors.

(e) A West Virginia capital company may not qualify or be issued a certification under this article unless the company holds a valid business registration certificate issued pursuant to article twelve, chapter eleven of this code. A company exempt from registration under article twelve may qualify and be certified under this article upon proof of its exemption.

Bill History For §5E-1-6

1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2837
1987 Regular Session
House Bill 3040
1986 Regular Session
Senate Bill 403