§5F-1-1. Legislative findings and declarations.

(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that state government must be made more responsive to the citizens of the state; that the various agencies and boards responsible for the execution of the laws of this state must be improved; that more effective management of the executive branch of state government must be achieved; that the efficiency of the operations of the agencies and boards of state government must be increased; and that in view of the financial crisis facing the State of West Virginia, it is essential to compel a curtailment and reduction of governmental expenses and hold them within reasonable bounds consistent with the economical and efficient administration of governmental services and to ensure the strictest economy in the matter of governmental expenditures to the end that agencies and boards of government may not be compelled to abdicate their responsibilities or cease to function but that in carrying out their responsibilities they shall not place upon the public any expense which is not necessary. The Legislature further hereby finds and declares that in order to achieve these purposes, it is essential to reorganize the executive branch of state government so as to:

(1) Promote the execution of the laws, the more effective management of the executive branch and of its agencies, boards and functions, and the expeditious administration of the public business;

(2) Reduce expenditures and promote economy to the fullest extent consistent with the efficient operation of state government;

(3) Increase the efficiency of the operations of state government to the fullest extent practicable;

(4) Group, coordinate and consolidate agencies and functions of state government, as nearly as may be, according to purposes;

(5) Consolidate or combine those agencies having similar or complementary functions under a single head, and, after observing and analyzing the operation of such consolidated or combined agencies for a period of time, abolish by legislative act, where legislative action is required, such agencies or functions thereof as are determined not to be necessary or desirable for the efficient conduct of the state government;

(6) Eliminate duplication of effort;

(7) Provide for appropriate Legislative Oversight as mandated in the Constitution of this state; and

(8) Provide for a spirit of cooperation and unity between the executive and legislative branches in addressing and developing solutions to the problems facing the state.

(b) This chapter is enacted in view and because of the findings and declarations set forth in subsection (a) of this section and shall be construed in the light thereof.

Bill History For §5F-1-1

1989 First Special Session
Senate Bill 2