§5F-1-3a. Executive compensation commission.

There is hereby created an executive compensation commission composed of three members, one of whom shall be the secretary of administration, one of whom shall be appointed by the Governor from the names of two or more nominees submitted by the President of the Senate, and one of whom shall be appointed by the Governor from the names of two or more nominees submitted by the Speaker of the House of Delegates. The names of such nominees shall be submitted to the Governor by not later than June 1, 2000, and the appointment of such members shall be made by the Governor by not later than July 1, 2000. The members appointed by the Governor shall have had significant business management experience at the time of their appointment and shall serve without compensation other than reimbursement for their reasonable expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their commission duties. For the 2001 regular session of the Legislature and every four years thereafter, the commission shall review the compensation for cabinet secretaries and other appointed officers of this state, including, but not limited to, the following: Commissioner, Division of Highways; commissioner, Bureau of Employment Programs; director, Division of Environmental Protection; commissioner, Bureau of Senior Services; director of tourism; commissioner, division of tax; administrator, division of health; commissioner, Division of Corrections; director, Division of Natural Resources; superintendent, state police; administrator, lottery division; director, Public Employees Insurance Agency; administrator, Alcohol Beverage Control Commission; commissioner, Division of Motor Vehicles; director, Division of Personnel; Adjutant General; the Executive Director of the Health Care Authority; director, Division of Rehabilitation Services; executive director, educational broadcasting authority; executive secretary, Library Commission; chairman and members of the Public Service Commission; director of emergency services; administrator, division of human services; executive director, Human Rights Commission; director, division of Veterans Affairs; director, office of miner’s health safety and training; commissioner, Division of Banking; commissioner, division of insurance; commissioner, Division of Culture and History; commissioner, Division of Labor; director, Prosecuting Attorneys Institute; director, Board of Risk and Insurance Management; commissioner, oil and gas conservation commission; director, geological and economic survey; executive director, water development authority; executive director, Public Defender Services; director, state rail authority; chairman and members of the Parole Board; members, employment security review board; members, workers’ compensation appeal board; chairman, Racing Commission; executive director, women’s commission; and director, hospital finance authority.

Following this review, but not later than the twenty-first day of such regular session, the commission shall submit an executive compensation report to the Legislature to include specific recommendations for adjusting the compensation for the officers described in this section. The recommendation may be in the form of a bill to be introduced in each house to amend this section to incorporate the recommended adjustments.