§6-14-2. Facsimile signature; use; legal effect.

Any authorized officer, after filing with the Secretary of State his manual signature certified by under oath, may execute or cause to be executed with a facsimile signature in lieu of his manual signature:

(a) Any public security, provided that at least one signature required or permitted to be placed thereon shall be manually subscribed. If a public security is required to be manually signed by a trustee, issuing agent, fiscal agent, registrar, or other agent or custodian, the signature of any or all authorized officers may be executed by facsimile; and

(b) Any instrument of payment.

Upon compliance with this article by the authorized officer, his facsimile signature shall have the same legal effect as his manual signature.

§6-14-2. Facsimile signature; use; legal effect.

Bill History For §6-14-2

1985 Regular Session
House Bill 1758
1965 Regular Session
House Bill 578