§6-3-2. Removal of deputies.

Any deputy appointed pursuant to section one of this article, may, at any time, be removed from office by his principal, or by the court, or other tribunal in lieu thereof, by and with the consent of which he was appointed: Provided, however, That nothing herein contained, or elsewhere in the laws of this state provided, except the procedure for removal of officers set forth in section seven article six, chapter six of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, shall empower or be construed to authorize the removal, or revocation of appointment and confirmation of any deputy sheriff by any tribunal, officer or body whatsoever, except by the sheriff by whom he was appointed, unless good cause be shown for such removal, dismissal or revocation of appointment.

Bill History For §6-3-2

1949 Regular Session
House Bill 37
1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1