§6-9-2a. Local Government Purchasing Card Program.

Notwithstanding any provisions of the code to the contrary, the Auditor may authorize and administer a purchasing card program for local governments under the auspices of the chief inspector division. The purchasing card program shall be conducted so that procedures and controls for the procurement and payment of goods and services are made more efficient and so that the accounting and reporting of such payments shall be uniform for all local governments utilizing the program. The program shall permit local governments to use a purchase charge card to purchase goods and services. Notwithstanding any other code provisions to the contrary, local government purchases may be made with the purchase charge card for any payment authorized by the Auditor, including regular routine payments, travel and emergency payments, and shall be set at an amount to be determined by the Auditor: Provided, That purchasing cards may not be utilized for the purpose of obtaining cash advances, whether the advances are made in cash or by other negotiable instrument: Provided, however, That purchasing cards may be used for cash advances for travel purchases upon approval of the Auditor. Selection of a charge card vendor to provide local government purchasing cards shall be based upon expressions of interest submitted by charge card vendors. The Auditor shall contract with the successful institution for provision of local government purchasing cards. The selection shall be based upon the combination of competence and qualification in the provision of services and a determination of the best financial arrangement for the program. The Auditor may propose rules for promulgation to govern the implementation of the local government purchase card program and may promulgate emergency rules for emergency payments to effectuate the provision of such services.

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