§60-2-13. Bonds of employees.

The commission shall require every employee who collects fees or handles funds, or who has custody of equipment, supplies, and other property belonging to the state, to take the oath prescribed by section 5, article IV of the state Constitution; and the commission shall require to be furnished by every employee, or shall itself obtain, a bond, insurance policy, indemnity contract, or other contract, protecting and indemnifying the state against any and all loss or damage that may be occasioned by the failure of the employee faithfully to perform the duties pertaining to his employment, and to account for, pay over and deliver to the proper officer or agent of the commission or state all moneys and other property which may come into his custody or under his control by virtue of his employment. Such bond, insurance policy, indemnity contract, or other contract, shall be in such form, and in such sum, and with such security, as may be prescribed or approved by the commission, and may cover any one employee or any number of employees. The premiums for all such bonds, insurance policies, indemnity contracts, or other contracts, shall be paid by the commission.