§60-3-25. Permit for farm winery to import produce in excess of established limits.

Upon application by the holder of a farm winery license, filed with the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner, showing, due to unusual climatic or other conditions adversely affecting its ability to obtain from within this state seventy-five percent of the grapes, grape juice, other fruits or fruit juices or honey necessary to produce its wine, the commissioner may issue to the applicant a permit to import such products in an amount deemed necessary by the commissioner to allow such farm winery to produce wine within the quota established by section five-a, article one of this chapter. The permit issued under this section shall not be effective for more than ninety days. The burden of proof shall be upon the applicant to show that grapes, grape juice, fruit, fruit juice or honey of the type normally used by the licensee are not available from any other source within the State of West Virginia, and no application for a permit under this section shall be considered by the commissioner unless it is accompanied by written findings by the West Virginia agriculture commissioner in support thereof.

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