§60-3A-2. Legislative findings and declaration; legislative purpose.

(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the sale of liquor at retail should no longer be by the state, but rather by retail licensees; that there is a need for the state to control the wholesale sales of liquor; that the health and welfare of the citizens of this state will be adequately protected by the licensing and control of such retail licensees; that the sale of liquor through retail licensees will satisfy reasonable consumer concerns of availability and price; and that the operation and efficiency of state government will be improved by removing the state from the retail sale of liquor and permitting sales of liquor by retail licensees under licenses issued by the state together with strict enforcement of laws and rules relating to the sale of liquor.

(b) It is the purpose of the Legislature in providing for the retail sale of liquor to:

(1) Continue revenue to the state from the wholesale sale of liquor by requiring all retail licensees to purchase all liquor (other than wine) from the commissioner and by further requiring all private clubs licensed under the provisions of article seven of this chapter to purchase all liquor (other than wine) from retail licensees;

(2) Provide a system of controls, through limitations on the numbers of retail outlets and application of the police power of the state, to discourage the intemperate use of liquor;

(3) Preserve and continue the tax base of counties and municipalities derived from the retail sale of liquor;

(4) Obtain revenue for the state from the issuance of retail licenses;

(5) Facilitate the responsible marketing and growth of existing retail outlets; and

(6) Encourage the sale of liquor in freestanding liquor retail outlets that offer a wide variety of liquor at competitive prices.

§60-3A-2. Legislative findings and declaration; legislative purpose.

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