§60-4-2. Licenses for manufacture.

(a) The commission may grant licenses for the manufacture of alcoholic liquors. Separate licenses shall be issued to the following classes of manufacturing establishments:

(1) Distilleries in which only alcoholic liquors other than wine or beer is manufactured;

(2) Wineries in which only wines are manufactured;

(3) Breweries in which beer is manufactured;

(4) Bottling plants in which beer only is bottled;

(5) Industrial plants in which alcohol is distilled, manufactured or otherwise produced for scientific, chemical, mechanical or industrial purposes;

(6) Farm wineries in which only wines are manufactured; and

(7) Mini-distilleries in which only alcoholic liquors other than wine, beer or nonintoxicating beer are manufactured.

(b) The commission may grant multiple licenses for the manufacture of alcoholic liquors or nonintoxicating beer to the same person or entity: Provided, That such licensure does not violate other provisions of this code, the licensee meets all requirements for the license established by the commissioner, and licensee submits the full payment of all fees required for licensure: Provided, however, That the licensee maintains all the rights and privileges associated with each license not violative of state or federal law.

§60-4-2. Licenses for manufacture.

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