§60-6-17. Suit to abate nuisances; injunction.

The commission, its agents, the Attorney General, the prosecuting attorney, or a citizen of the county or municipality where a nuisance as defined in section sixteen of this article is located, may maintain a suit in equity in the name of the state to abate and perpetually enjoin the same. Courts of equity shall have jurisdiction thereof. The injunction may be granted at the commencement of the suit and no bond shall be required. On the finding that the material allegations of the bill are true, the court or judge thereof in vacation shall order the injunction for such period of time as it or he may think proper, with the right to dissolve the injunction upon the application of the owner of the place, if a proper case is shown for such dissolution.

The continuance of the injunction as provided in this section may be ordered, although the place complained of may not at the time of hearing be unlawfully used.

Bills Affecting §60-6-17

2021 Regular Session: HB2912