§60-6-20. Contraband conveyances; forfeiture and disposition.

A conveyance of any kind, either on land, water, or in the air, used for transportation of alcoholic liquors in violation of section twelve of this article, shall be deemed contraband and shall be forfeited to the state and proceeded against in the manner provided for confiscation by section twenty-one of this article.

Any such conveyance forfeited to the state under the provisions of this section shall be turned over to the commission, which may retain the same for public use in the administration and enforcement of this chapter. If it has no need for the conveyance, it may order its destruction or sale unless the department of public safety requests it, in which case the commission shall turn it over to the said department.

The net proceeds of sales made under this section shall be paid into the State Treasury in the manner prescribed for receipts from state stores and agencies.

Bills Affecting §60-6-20

2021 Regular Session: HB2912