§60-6-4. Permitted use by druggists.

The provisions of this chapter shall not prevent a person from manufacturing, selling, delivering or shipping:

Any medicine containing sufficient medication to prevent its use as a beverage;

Any medicinal preparation manufactured in accordance with formulas prescribed by the United States pharmacopoeia, and national formulary, patent and proprietary preparations, and other bona fide medical and technical preparations, which are manufactured and sold to be used exclusively as medicine and not as beverages, and the sale of which does not now require the payment of a United States liquor dealer's tax;

Toilet, medicinal and antiseptic preparations not intended for internal human use nor for beverage purposes;

Any food products known as flavoring extracts manufactured and sold for cooking and culinary purposes only and not for beverage purposes;

Nor shall such provisions prevent pharmacists, retail druggists or drugstores employing a duly licensed pharmacist, from purchasing or causing to be shipped to their place of business ethyl alcohol for use in compounding or manufacturing any of the medical or other preparations enumerated in this section, as provided in section six, article four of this chapter.

Bills Affecting §60-6-4

2021 Regular Session: HB2912
2021 Regular Session: HB2912