§60-8-20. Unlawful acts generally.

It shall be unlawful:

(a) For a supplier or distributor to sell or deliver wine purchased or acquired from any source other than a person registered under the provisions of section six of this article or for a retailer to sell or deliver wine purchased or acquired from any source other than a licensed distributor or a farm winery as defined in section five-a, article one of this chapter;

(b) Unless otherwise specifically provided by the provisions of this article, for a licensee under this article to acquire, transport, possess for sale or sell wine other than in the original package;

(c) For a licensee, his or her servants, agents or employees to sell, furnish or give wine to any person less than twenty-one years of age, or to a mental incompetent or person who is physically incapacitated due to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the use of drugs: Provided, That the provisions of section twenty-five-a, article three-a of this chapter shall apply to sales of wine;

(d) For a licensee to permit a person who is less than eighteen years of age to sell, furnish or give wine to any person;

(e) For a supplier or a distributor to sell or deliver any brand of wine purchased or acquired from any source other than the primary source of supply of the wine which granted the distributor the right to sell the brand at wholesale. For the purposes of this article, "primary source of supply" means the vintner of the wine, the importer of a foreign wine who imports the wine into the United States, the owner of a wine at the time it becomes a marketable product, the bottler of a wine or an agent specifically authorized by any of the above-enumerated persons to make a sale of the wine to a West Virginia distributor: Provided, That no retailer shall sell or deliver wine purchased or acquired from any source other than a distributor or farm winery licensed in this state: Provided, however, That nothing herein is considered to prohibit sales of convenience between distributors licensed in this state wherein one distributor sells, transfers or delivers to another distributor a particular brand or brands for sale at wholesale, of which brand or brands the other distributor has been authorized by a licensed supplier to distribute. The commissioner shall promulgate rules necessary to carry out the provision of this subsection;

(f) For a person to violate any reasonable rule promulgated by the commissioner under this article;

(g) Nothing in this article, nor any rule or regulation of the commissioner, shall prevent or be considered to prohibit any licensee from employing any person who is at least eighteen years of age to serve in any licensee's lawful employment, including the sale or delivery of wine under the provisions of this article. With the prior approval of the commissioner, a licensee whose principal business is the sale of food or consumer goods or the providing of recreational activities, including, but not limited to, nationally franchised fast food outlets, family-oriented restaurants, bowling alleys, drug stores, discount stores, grocery stores and convenience stores, may employ persons who are less than eighteen years of age but at least sixteen years of age: Provided, That the person's duties may not include the sale or delivery of nonintoxicating beer or alcoholic liquors: Provided, however, That the authorization to employ persons under the age of eighteen years shall be clearly indicated on the licensee's license.

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