§61-8-27. Unlawful admission of children to dance house, etc.; penalty.

Any proprietor or any person in charge of a dance house, concert saloon, theater, museum, or similar place of amusement, or other place, where wines or spirituous or malt liquors are sold or given away, or any place of entertainment injurious to health or morals who admits or permits to remain therein any minor under the age of 18 years, unless accompanied by his or her parent or guardian, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $200: Provided, That there is exemption from this prohibition for: (a) A private bakery, private cigar shop, private caterer, private club restaurant, private manufacturer club, private fair and festival, private resort hotel, private hotel, private golf club, private food truck, private nine-hole golf course, private tennis club, private wedding venue or barn, private outdoor dining and private outdoor street dining, private multi-vendor fair and festival license, private farmers market, private college sports stadium or coliseum, private professional sports stadium, and a private multi-sports complex licensed pursuant to §60-7-1 et seq. of this code and in compliance with, §60-7-2(6)(iv), §60-7-2(7)(D), §60-7-2(8)(I), §60-7-2(10)(L), §60-7-2(11)(D), §60-7-2(12)(H), §60-7-2(13)(6), §60-7-2(14)(H), 60-7-2(15)(H), §60-7-2(16)(G), §60-7-2(17)(G), §60-7-2(18)(H), §60-7-2(19)(H), §60-7-2(20)(H), §60-7-2(21)(L), §60-7-2(22)(H), §60-7-2(23)(H), §60-7-2(24)(H), §60-7-2(25)(H), §60-7-8c(b)(14), §60-7-8d, §60-7-8g(c)(15), and §60-8-32a of this code; or (b) a private club with more than 1,000 members that is in good standing with the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner, that has been approved by the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner; and which has designated certain seating areas on its licensed premises as nonalcoholic liquor and nonintoxicating beer areas, as noted in the licensee's floorplan, by using a mandatory carding or identification program by which all members or guests being served or sold alcoholic liquors, nonintoxicating beer or nonintoxicating craft beer are asked and required to provide their proper identification to verify their identity and further that they are of legal drinking age, 21 years of age or older, prior to each sale or service of alcoholic liquors, nonintoxicating beer or nonintoxicating craft beer.