§62-11C-8. Local community criminal justice accounts.

(a) The treasurer of the county designated as the fiscal agent for the board pursuant to section six of this article shall establish a separate fund designated the community criminal justice fund. He or she shall deposit all fees remitted by the municipal, magistrate and circuit clerks pursuant to section seven of this article and all funds appropriated by a county commission pursuant to section seven, article eleven-b of this chapter or any other provision of this code and all funds provided by the subcommittee for approved community corrections programs in the community criminal justice fund. Funds in the community criminal justice account are to be expended by order of the designated county's commission upon recommendation of the community criminal justice board in furtherance of the operation of an approved community corrections program.

(b) A county commission representing the same county as a community criminal justice board may require the community criminal justice board to render an accounting, at intervals the county commission may designate, of the use of money, property, goods and services made available to the board by the county commission and to make available at quarterly intervals an itemized statement of receipts and disbursements, and its books, records and accounts during the preceding quarter, for audit and examination pursuant to article nine, chapter six of this code.