§62-12-12a. Parole board panels.

(a) The board shall sit in panels of three members for the purpose of conducting hearings and making determinations concerning the release of any inmate on parole, conducting hearings and making determinations regarding the revocation of parole, considering any eligible parolee for release from further supervision and discharge from parole, conducting parole interviews and conducting any other hearing provided for in this article. Membership on each panel shall be appointed on a rotating basis by the chairperson of the board. Two members of each panel shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.

(b) When the board sits in panels as herein authorized, each panel shall act in the same manner and under the same authority as the full board. All authority, duties, powers and responsibilities of the board on any matter brought before the panel for hearing shall be exercised by the panel as though heard and decided by the full board. Decisions of each panel shall constitute a decision of the board. All procedures of the board relating to the conduct of hearings shall apply to hearings before the panels of the board.

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