§62-1C-17c. Bail in cases of crimes between family or household members.

(a) When the offense charged is a crime against a family or household member, it may be a condition of bond that the defendant shall not have any contact whatsoever, direct or indirect, verbal or physical, with the victim or complainant.

(b) In determining conditions of release, the issuing authority shall consider whether the defendant poses a threat or danger to the victim or other family or household member. If the issuing authority makes such a determination, it shall require as a condition of bail that the defendant refrain from entering the residence or household of the victim, the victim's school, and the victim's place of employment or otherwise contacting the victim and/or minor child or household member in any manner whatsoever, and shall refrain from having any further contact with the victim. A violation of this condition may be punishable by the forfeiture of bail and the issuance of a bench warrant for the defendant's arrest or remanding the defendant to custody or a modification of the terms of bail.

(c) The clerk of the court issuing an order pursuant to this section shall issue certified copies of the conditions of bail to the victim upon request without cost.

(d) Where a law-enforcement officer observes any violation of bail condition, including the presence of the defendant or at the home of the victim, the officer shall immediately arrest the defendant, and detain the defendant pending a hearing for revocation of bail.

§62-1C-17c. Bail in cases of crimes between family or household members.

Bill History For §62-1C-17C

1992 Regular Session
House Bill 4389
1991 Regular Session
Senate Bill 569