§6A-1-7. Emergency interim successors for local officers.

The provisions of this section shall be applicable to officers of political subdivisions, including, but not limited to, cities, towns, and counties, as well as fire, power and drainage and other types of districts not included in section six. Such officers, subject to such regulations as the governing body may issue, shall, upon approval of this article, designate by title, if feasible, or by named person, emergency interim successors and specify their order of succession. The officer shall review and revise, as necessary, designations made pursuant to this article to insure their current status. The officer will designate a sufficient number of persons so that there will be not less than three, nor more than seven, deputies or emergency interim successors or any combination thereof at any time. In the event of an attack, and in the event that any officer of any political subdivision or his deputy provided for pursuant to law is unavailable, the powers of the office shall be exercised and duties shall be discharged by his designated emergency interim successors in the order specified. The emergency interim successor shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office to which designated until such time as a vacancy which may exist shall be filled in accordance with the Constitution or statutes; or until the officer or his deputy or a preceding emergency interim successor again becomes available to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of his office.

Bill History For §6A-1-7

1961 Regular Session
House Bill 52