§6C-3-3. Data collection and reporting requirements.

(a) Each employer involved in a grievance matter shall maintain the forms and all records created in the grievance process, and shall provide this information to the board in the form and manner prescribed by the board.

(b) The board shall obtain and maintain all records of grievance matters.

(c) The board shall annually report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, the Legislature and the Governor. The report shall contain the following:

(1) An overview of grievance-related issues;

(2) The number of grievances against each employer;

(3) Identification of each grievance by type of grievance, level of resolution and cost of the grievance, including the estimated cost of employee time to handle the grievance and actual cost of any legal time or damages paid in the resolution of the grievance;

(4) The number and type of grievances granted, denied or resolved by other means, including informal resolutions and alternative dispute resolution, and the actual or estimated cost of handling the grievance at each level of the grievance process;

(5) Any legislative recommendations for changes to the grievance process as a result of the data collected; and

(6) The caseload of each administrative law judge, the type of grievance, the number of grievances resolved and the number of decisions issued.

(d) Nothing contained in the annual report may breach the confidentiality of a party to the dispute, nor may any matter be disclosed if the disclosure may violate any provision of law.

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