§7-1-3p. Authority to require permits for mobile homes or house trailers; penalty.

The county court of any county is hereby authorized and empowered to require by order entered of record that no person shall locate, place or maintain for residency purposes a mobile home or house trailer, excluding motor homes, travel trailers and camper vehicles, in such county for more than thirty days until the owner of such mobile home or house trailer shall have first obtained a permit to do so from the assessor of such county. Such permit shall be for information purposes and an application for any such permit shall be made upon such forms as may be prescribed by the assessor. A fee not exceeding $2, to be fixed by the county court by order entered of record, may be charged by the assessor for the issuance of any such permit. All fees so collected shall become a part of the county treasury.

Any person violating any such county court order shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than ten nor more than $100. Justices of the peace shall have concurrent jurisdiction with courts of record with criminal jurisdiction of any offense under this section.

Bill History For §7-1-3P

1972 Regular Session
House Bill 737