§7-1-7.  Record books.

(a) Beginning on July 1, 2017, the county commission shall, within sixty days of adoption, through the clerk of the commission, enter into a separate book the complete record of all ordinances adopted by the county commission.  The clerk shall list, along with each ordinance in the book, the provision of the West Virginia Code authorizing each ordinance.  The clerk shall maintain the book in his or her office and shall make available a copy to the county sheriff. Compiling all such ordinances adopted by the county commission and publishing the same on a publically available internet website as delineated in section three-pp of this article shall constitute full compliance with the provisions of this section.

(b) The county  commission of every county shall provide two record books for the use of the  county commission, in one of which shall be entered all the proceedings of such  county commission in relation to contested elections, all matters of probate, the appointment of appraisers of the estates of decedents and the appointment and qualification of personal representatives, guardians, committees and curators, and the settlement of their accounts, and all matters relating to apprentices; and in the other of said books shall be entered all the other proceedings of such  county commission:  Provided, That said county commission shall provide and keep such additional or different record books as may be specially required by law.