§7-12-4. Qualifications of members.

(a) In addition to the appointing agencies as provided for in section three of this article, such other persons, firms, unincorporated associations and corporations, which reside or maintain offices in the county of the development authority, are eligible to participate in and request the governing body to appoint members to the development authority as the said authority by its bylaws provides. Members can also be drawn from citizens of a county contiguous to the county in which the county development authority is located regardless of their state of residence.

(b) Any person employed by, owning an interest in, or otherwise associated with a public utility company as defined in section two, article one, chapter twenty-four of this code or bank as defined in section two, article one, chapter thirty-one-a of this code may serve as a board member and shall not be disqualified from serving as a board member because of conflict of interest as defined in section fifteen, article ten, chapter sixty-one of this code and shall not be subject to prosecution under the provisions of said section when the violation is created solely as a result of his or her relationship with the bank or public utility. This member must recuse himself or herself from board participation regarding the conflicting issue as provided for in section five of this article.

Bill History For §7-12-4

1986 Regular Session
Senate Bill 403