§7-14-17b. Sick leave for deputy sheriffs.

(a) The county commission of each county shall allow the sheriff's deputies sick leave with pay to be computed as follows: Full-time deputies are entitled to one and one-half days sick leave for each calendar month worked, or greater part thereof; part-time deputies are entitled to sick leave at the same rate and in the same proportion that hours actually worked bears to hours regularly scheduled for full-time deputies.

(b) Sick leave may be granted only when illness on the part of or injury to the deputy incapacitates him or her for duty: Provided, That the sheriff of the county in which the deputy is employed has the authority to require the deputy to produce a statement from an attending physician for each day of sick leave beyond two days. This statement shall include dates of treatment and also state that the deputy was unable to work. In the absence of the physician's statement, if required, annual leave shall be charged for the entire period.

(c) In the event of illness, a full-time deputy may take without limit emergency sick leave without pay after all accrued sick leave, annual leave and compensatory time available to the full-time deputy has been exhausted.

Bill History For §7-14-17B

1990 Regular Session
House Bill 2727
1981 Regular Session
House Bill 758