§7-14E-1. Legislative findings and purpose.

(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the preservation of peace is a necessary and important function and a requirement for an orderly society. This important function is carried on throughout the State of West Virginia at both the state and local level. Very important components of law enforcement in this state are the county sheriffs and their deputies.

(b) The Legislature, cognizant that it has enacted retirement legislation for municipal police officers and for the State Police, declares that deputy sheriffs are now in need of a retirement system. The Legislature further declares that the deputy sheriffs of this state are professional law-enforcement officers who keep the peace, help and protect the citizens of this state. The Legislature finds that, when it comes to retirement, the deputy sheriffs are treated differently than other law-enforcement officers in this state.

(c) For the foregoing reasons, and for other important reasons, the Legislature created the deputy sheriff's retirement system under article fourteen-d of this chapter. The fees established in this article are to help ensure the actuarial soundness of the deputy sheriff's retirement system.