§7-15-16. Competitive bids; publication of solicitation for sealed bids.

A purchase of or contract for all supplies, equipment and materials and a contract for the construction of facilities by any authority, when the expenditure required exceeds the sum of $10,000, shall be based on competitive sealed bids. Bids shall be obtained by public notice published as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code and the publication area for publication is the service area of the authority. The second publication shall be made at least fourteen days before the final date for submitting bids. In addition to publication, the notice may also be published by any other advertising medium the authority may consider advisable and the authority may also solicit sealed bids by sending requests by mail to prospective suppliers and by posting notice on a bulletin board in the office of the authority.

Bill History For §7-15-16

1986 Regular Session
Senate Bill 324
1975 Regular Session
Senate Bill 378