§7-16-5. Powers, duties and responsibilities of authority generally.

The authority may exercise all powers necessary or appropriate to carry out and effectuate its corporate purpose. The authority may:

(1) Adopt, and from time to time, amend and repeal bylaws necessary and proper for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business and rules and regulations to implement and make effective its powers and duties.

(2) Acquire, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, improve, furnish, equip, maintain, repair, operate, lease or rent to, or contract for operation by a governmental agency or person, solid waste disposal projects, and, adopt rules and regulations for the use of such projects.

(3) Make available the use or services of any solid waste disposal project to one or more persons, one or more governmental agencies, or any combination thereof.

(4) Issue solid waste disposal revenue bonds and notes and solid waste disposal revenue refunding bonds payable solely from revenues of projects operated by the authority.

(5) Acquire by gift or purchase, hold and dispose of real and personal property in the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties.

(6) Make and enter into all contracts and agreements and execute all instruments necessary or incidental to the performance of its duties and the execution of its powers.

(7) Employ managers, superintendents, engineers, accountants, Auditors and other employees, and retain or contract with consulting engineers, financial consultants, accounting experts, architects, attorneys and such other consultants and independent contractors as are necessary in its judgment to carry out the provisions of this article, and fix the compensation or fees thereof.

(8) Receive and accept from any federal or state agency grants for or in aid of the construction of any solid waste disposal project or for research and development with respect to solid waste disposal projects and solid waste disposal sheds and receive and accept aid or contributions from any source of money, property, labor or other things of value, to be held, used and applied only for the purposes for which such grants and contributions are made.

(9) Engage in research and development with respect to solid waste disposal projects and solid waste disposal sheds.

(10) Purchase fire and extended coverage and liability insurance for any solid waste disposal project and for the principal office and suboffices of the authority, insurance protecting the authority and its officers and employees against liability, if any, for damage to property or injury to or death of persons arising from its operations and any other insurance the authority may agree to provide under any resolution authorizing the issuance of solid waste disposal revenue bonds or in any trust agreement securing the same.

(11) Charge, alter and collect rentals, fees, service charges and other charges for the use or services of any solid waste disposal project as provided in this article.

(12) Do all acts necessary and proper to carry out the powers expressly granted to the authority by this article and the powers conferred upon the county by sections three-e and three-f, article one of this chapter.

Bill History For §7-16-5

1977 Regular Session
House Bill 1765