§7-20-2. Purpose and findings.

(a) It is the purpose of this article to provide for the fair distribution of costs for county development by authorizing the assessment and collection of fees to offset the cost of commercial and residential development within affected counties.

(b) The Legislature hereby makes the following findings:

(1) The residents, taxpayers and users of county facilities and services, in affected counties, have contributed significant funds in the form of taxes and user charges toward the cost of existing county facilities and services, which represent a substantial and incalculable investment;

(2) Affected counties in West Virginia are experiencing an increased demand for development which is causing strain on tax revenues and user charges at existing levels and impairing the ability of taxpayers, residents and users to bear the cost of increased demand for county facilities and services. In some instances, county borrowing has been required to meet the demand;

(3) Equitable considerations require that future residents and users of existing county facilities and services contribute toward the investment already made in those facilities and services;

(4) Sound fiscal policy in the efficient administration of county government requires that the imposition of taxes and user charges be commensurate to the actual yearly cost of county facilities and services;

(5) Accumulations of large financial reserves for future capital expenditures unjustly exact unneeded current funds from taxpayers and users; and

(6) County borrowing unnecessarily increases the cost of government by the amount of debt service and should be avoided unless considered absolutely necessary to meet an existing public need.

Bill History For §7-20-2

1990 Regular Session
House Bill 4187