§7-25-14. Implementation and provision of services within resort area district; adoption of annual budget.

(a) Upon the creation of a resort area district and organization of its board, a resort area district may provide for the provision of services by the adoption of a resolution.

(b) A resolution providing for the provision of services shall set forth:

(1) The services to be offered;

(2) The sources of funding for such services; and

(3) All other information necessary for the administration of providing such services.

(c) A resolution providing for the provision of services may be amended from time to time, as deemed necessary by the board.

(d) Services to be offered by a resort area district shall not be inconsistent with those permitted under the bylaws of the district or this article and shall not include a service for which the resort operator charges a fee or obtains revenue, such as operation or maintenance of a ski slope or ski lift.

(e) The board shall adopt an annual budget for the district each year. Such budget shall require approval by six sevenths of the board to be adopted. Funds of the resort area district may not be expended on any service or project in excess of the amounts specified in the budget, and no material expenditures may occur on services or projects not authorized by the budget, except upon approval of at least six sevenths of the board.

(f) In setting the budget or any amendment to it, and in approving any anticipated obligation, undertaking and related expenditure of any funds received from any resort service fee or from any assessment, the Board shall be empowered to condition the an expenditure or undertaking,  in whole or part, upon the receipt of grants, loans or contribution of funds by or from other sources or parties, including the resort operator, any commercial interests, and any governmental entity,  In the event that any such conditions established by the Board are not met, the expenditure and any related conditionally approved undertaking shall not be required.

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