§7-27-16.  Commissioner's authority over road construction projects accepted into the state road system; use of state road funds.

(a) Notwithstanding anything in this article to the contrary, the Commissioner of Highways has final approval of any road construction project.  However, no state road funds may be used, singly or together with funds from any other source, for any purpose or in any manner contrary to or prohibited by the Constitution and laws of this state or the federal government or where such use, in the sole discretion of the Commissioner of Highways, would jeopardize receipt of federal funds.

(b) All road construction projects that shall be accepted as part of the state road system, and all real property interests and appurtenances, are under the exclusive jurisdiction and control of the Commissioner of Highways, who may exercise the same rights and authority as he or she has over other transportation facilities in the state road system.

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