§7-27-21.  Refunding bonds.

Any bonds issued by the West Virginia Economic Development Authority pursuant to the provisions of this article or any other provision of this code and at any time outstanding may at any time and from time to time be refunded by the Authority by the issuance of its refunding bonds in such amount as it may consider necessary to refund the principal of the bonds so to be refunded, together with any unpaid interest thereon, to provide additional funds to approved project costs and to pay any premiums and commissions necessary to be paid in connection therewith.  Refunding may be effected by whether the bonds to be refunded have then matured or thereafter mature, either by sale of the refunding bonds and the application of the proceeds thereof for the redemption of the bonds to be refunded thereby or by exchange of the refunding bonds for the bonds to be refunded thereby. Refunding bonds shall be issued in conformance with the provisions of this article related to issuance of bonds.

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