§7-27-40.  Deposit of county transportation sales and use taxes; payment to Division of Highways.

(a) All county sales and use taxes collected by the Tax Commissioner under this article shall be collected and paid to the credit of each county commission's subaccount in the "County Road Improvement Account" established pursuant to this article.

(b) The credit shall be made to the subaccount of the county commission of the county in which the taxable sales were made and services rendered or taxable uses occurred as shown by the records of the Tax Commissioner and certified by the Tax Commissioner to the State Treasurer, namely, the location of each place of business of every vendor collecting and paying sales and use taxes to the Tax Commissioner without regard to the place of possible use by the purchaser and by every person remitting county transportation use tax to the Tax Commissioner or paying the county's use tax to the Tax Commissioner.

(c) As soon as practicable after the county transportation sales and use taxes for a particular county have been paid into the county’s subaccount of the “County Road Improvement Account” in any month for the preceding reporting period, the Commissioner of Highways or the West Virginia Economic Development Authority may issue a requisition to the Auditor requesting issuance of a state warrant for the funds of the county in its subaccount, as provided for by the intergovernmental agreement or agreements executed by the Commissioner of Highways and the county commission.

(1) Upon receipt of the requisition, the Auditor shall issue his or her warrant on the State Treasurer for the funds requested and the State Treasurer shall pay the warrant out of the subaccount.

(2) If errors are made in any payment, or adjustments are otherwise necessary, whether attributable to refunds to taxpayers or to some other fact, the errors shall be corrected and adjustments made in the payments for the next six months as follows:  One sixth of the total adjustment shall be included in the payments for each month for the next six months, to be paid in full during this six months period.  In addition, the payment shall include a refund of amounts erroneously not paid to the subaccount of the county commission and not previously remitted to the county’s subaccount during the three years preceding the discovery of the error.

(3) A correction and adjustment in payments described in this subsection due to the misallocation of funds by the person remitting the tax shall be made within three years of the date of the payment error.

§7-27-40. Deposit of county transportation sales and use taxes; payment to Division of Highways.

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