§7-5-2a. Credit cards as form of payment.

Notwithstanding any code provision to the contrary, county officers required or authorized to collect fines, fees, taxes or other moneys provided by law may accept credit or check cards as a form of payment. County officers may set a fee to be added to each transaction equal to the charge paid by the county officers for the use of the credit or check card by the payor: Provided, That the county officer is required to obtain three bids and use the lowest qualified bid received: Provided, however, That if a county officer has obtained credit card services, another county officer may be added to that service without receiving bids for that service. The county officer shall disclose the amount of the fee to the payor prior to the transaction and no other fees for the use of a credit or check card may be imposed upon the payor. Acceptance of a credit or check card as a form of payment shall be in accordance with the rules and requirements set forth by the credit or check card provider.

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