§7-7-9. Procedure for payment of compensation.

(a) The compensation of the county clerk, circuit clerk, sheriff, county assessor, prosecuting attorney, and their assistants, deputies and employees shall be paid monthly or semimonthly by the county court, which compensation shall be paid out of the county treasury in the manner prescribed by law.

(b) The county commission, after the filing of the budget statement specified in section seven of this article, may, by order of record, authorize and order a draft on the county treasurer, payable out of the general county fund, to be drawn in favor of the county official, assistant, deputy or employee named in this statement, in payment of the compensation to which the person is entitled.

(c) The draft shall not be issued to the county official, assistant, deputy or employee until the proper county official has filed a detailed monthly or semimonthly statement with the county treasurer and has filed with the county clerk a duplicate copy of the monthly or semimonthly statement, together with a receipt from the county treasurer, showing that the person to be paid has paid into the county treasury all moneys belonging to the county that have been collected by him or her during that pay period as shown by the monthly or semimonthly statement.

(d) When the order for the draft has been entered of record, the president and clerk of the county court shall be authorized to issue and approve by their signature the draft.

Bill History For §7-7-9

1972 Regular Session
House Bill 1202
1971 Regular Session
House Bill 674