§7-8-9. Prisoners under civil process.

The party at whose suit any person is confined in jail under civil process shall be responsible to the county court for the maintenance of such person during such confinement, and payment therefor shall be due monthly. Upon failure of such party to make payment when due, the jailer may discharge the prisoner when ordered to do so by the county court unless the prisoner is held under other process, but the county court shall have the right to sue for the amount due as for other money due on contract. The jailer may require a bond payable to the county court as security for the payment of such maintenance before receiving a person on civil process. Any party who shall have paid for such maintenance of such prisoner may, upon motion before the circuit court of such county, or by action before any justice having jurisdiction, obtain judgment against the person who was so confined, or his personal representative, for the amount so paid, with interest thereon, from the time of such payment.

All provisions of this section which were in effect immediately prior to the passage of this act shall continue in full force and effect until December 31, 1948.