§7-9-1. Establishment.

The commissioners of any county may unite with any city, located in said county, in the erection, management and maintenance of a workhouse for the joint use of such county and city; and the commissioners are authorized to levy and collect the necessary funds therefor from the taxable property of the county: Provided, That the commissioners shall not collect and expend a greater amount than shall be collected and expended by such city for the same purpose: Provided further, That the question of erecting such workhouse shall first be submitted to a vote of the people of the city and county desiring the same, and shall be ratified by three fifths of all votes for and against the question, at an election to be held for that purpose: And provided further, That the aggregate of all indebtedness including the amount for such workhouse shall not exceed five per cent of the assessed valuation of the real estate of the city and county erecting the same.

Bill History For §7-9-1

1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1