§7-9-18. Inmates from cities.

The commissioners of any county, or the council of any municipal corporation, wherein there is no workhouse, may agree with the council of any municipal corporation or other authority having control of the workhouse of any other city, or with the directors of any district or joint city and county workhouse, or county workhouse, upon terms and conditions upon which persons convicted of misdemeanors or of the violation of any ordinance of such municipal corporation by any court or magistrate of such county or municipal corporation, having no workhouse, may be received into such workhouse under sentence of such court or magistrate; and the county commissioners of such county, and the council of any such municipal corporation, are authorized to pay the expenses incurred under such agreement out of the General Fund of such county, or of the municipal corporation, upon the certificate of the proper officer of such workhouse; and the sheriff or other officer transporting any person to such workhouse shall have the following fees therefor: 6¢ per mile for himself, going and returning, and 5¢ per mile for transporting such convict, and 5¢ per mile going and coming for the service of each guard, to be allowed as in penitentiary cases; the number of miles to be computed by the usual route of travel, to be paid in state cases out of the General Fund of the county, on the allowance of the county commissioners, and in cases for the violation of the ordinances of any municipal corporation by such municipal corporation on the order of the council thereof.

Bill History For §7-9-18

1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1