§7A-3-5. Duties and powers of charter review committee.

(a) A charter review committee shall study consolidation and the feasibility of consolidation.

(b) A charter review committee shall:

(1) Elect officers from committee members;

(2) Adopt rules;

(3) Prepare a budget; and

(4) Conduct public hearings;

(c) A charter review committee may:

(1) Create subcommittees and working groups to include other government officials and diverse public representatives;

(2) Prepare a written charter;

(3) Employ staff;

(4) Contract with consultants;

(5) Work with agencies of affected local governments; and

(6) Engage in other activities necessary to facilitate the intent of this chapter.

(d) A majority of committee members is a quorum for transaction of business and adopting the charter.

(e) Vacancies on the charter review committees shall be filled in the same manner as provided for in this article.

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